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The Food Depot is no ordinary food cart. It’s a Wow! food cart, is what it is. ‘Wow!’ said our young lad, P.J., as he took his first bite of Diana Dodog’s coconut, squash and chickpea curry. He was sitting on a bench, on the beach, in Courtmacsherry, in deepest West Cork, beside the food cart – The Food Depot – run by Diana and her husband, Mike. “Wow!” he said again as he took a second bite.

With Wow! cooking as fine as this, you don’t need a restaurant. You just need Diana and Mike’s ‘gourmet street kitchen’, an appetite – preferably one worked up by a long walk on the beach – and an appreciation of how great cooks cook great food anywhere. Ms Dodog is famous because she won MasterChef a few years back, but her fame lies with her inspired cooking: ginger, sesame, lemon and pork noodle broth; autumn vegetable and mozzarella quesadillas; triple lentil dal with basmati rice; beef and Hungarian chorizo stew. “Wow!” is right. The Food Depot deals in divine culinary delights.


Favourite Recipes from the Food Truck

With the launch of their first cookbook, Diana and Mike are introducing their loyal and new fans to 54 of their favourite recipes – many of which they regularly get requests from at the hatch! So what can you expect from the new book? Simple, tasty, delicious recipes with easy to follow instructions – if something this good can be made within the confines of a food truck, then the regular domestic kitchen is a doddle!

54 FOOD DEPOT Recipes
to try at home

There’s a chapter of tasty starters that are ideal for making ahead for no-fuss dinner parties. Another chapter is crammed with nourishing dinner ideas, with complementing side dishes to be found in a Grab & Go chapter. The Dressing Room chapter is the place to find delicious recipes like magic peanut dressing, Harissa mayonnaise as well as their favourite condiments and sauces – the things that set the FOOD DEPOT salads apart. Diana is confident that the book will make home kitchens richer in colour, flavour and delectable smells. There’s no fancy techniques, complicated instructions or hard-to-find ingredients - just real food with real flavour, made with love, for you.

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